Pressure Wash Your Driveway In Nanaimo For A Clean Road Home

No matter how often you rake your leaves, no matter well trimmed you keep your grass and beautiful your garden is, there are some parts of your outdoor areas that you really don’t have a lot of control over. The paved areas, no matter how frequently swept or hosed down, tend to get a dirty and grimy look over time.

So what is the solution to this problem of dirty concrete, cement or asphalt paths and patios? Frequent hosing is more likely to cause mold, moss and mildew to grow than to make those surfaces look really great. For a deeper clean you could get down on your hands and knees and scrub the whole area but that would require a huge amount of time and physical exertion.

Fortunately there is a much simpler and very effective way you get these areas clean. You can pressure wash your driveway and other paved areas, leaving them as clean as can be. The process is simple and gives great results.

In order to pressure wash your driveway you first need to get your hands on a pressure washer. You will need a pretty strong one, so many of the smaller home versions might not deliver the results you are looking for. You want to find a pressure washer that sprays with at least 3000 psi. This high pressure is strong enough to lift the types of dirt and stains that you are trying to get rid of.

Because of the type of dirt your car can leave behind, namely sludgy oil stains, you will definitely want to use a hot water pressure washer. Some of your stains may be so bad that you will need to use a cleaner to pre-treat them. You can also use a cleaning solution for the whole surface if it is very dirty or you want to get it extra clean.

Be sure that you cover the entire surface as you pressure wash your driveway. Any little spot that you miss may not be noticeable while you are working but can be very obvious once the area has dried. For a very dirty surface you may want to go over it all twice. The first run through can loosen up the dirt and it can be washed away in the second go.

Once you have your pressure washed driveway before you, you will be pleased with the look of it. However, keep in mind that from the moment you finish getting it clean it will start collecting dirt and grime again. For this reason it is a good idea to consider sealing it again to protect the surface from future stains and make your next cleaning session easier.

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