Dentistry in Belarus (Mogilev)

Sedation Dentistry in Belarus

In the field of dentistry, a large number of procedures are performed both for aesthetic purposes and for restoration purposes. Nowadays, it is increasingly common for different procedures to be performed in one context, unlike many. How does sedation dentistry fit into the current dental procedures.

Here are the reasons why a patient may benefit from sedation dentistry instead of undergoing a procedure with a simple injected or anesthetic administered which is not intravenous.


Virtually all regular dental procedures can be performed under sedation. The essential thing to understand is that, under sedation, many more procedures can be done. When people come to dental procedures, they can usually sit in a chair for an hour and, therefore, often have to be rescheduled due to stress and/or exhaustion. The fact is that undergoing dental procedures can be very stressful, even if people sitting in the chair for dental procedures do not do all the hard work. Patients are still extremely tired after about an hour and often have to reorganize to complete their procedures.


Intravenous sedation dentistry allows patients to sit in a chair for up to four hours. It can be extremely difficult for patients to sit in a chair without intravenous anesthesia and on the street. Patients often have back pain or have problems with it and it may not be difficult to manage this moment. For example, dentistry with sedatives can relieve the problems of sitting in a chair for hours and even reduce the incidence of back pain or neck exhaustion, which forces the rest of the procedure.


Without dental sedation, dentists do not like to work on both sides of the mouth at the same time. If local anesthesia is administered on one side of the mouth for the procedure and the other side is injected, the patient often bites the tongue. Sedation dentistry with intravenous anesthesia will allow this person to perform work on both sides of the mouth in a frame.


One of the most impressive results of sedative dentistry is that you can perform different procedures in a day. If the patient is an administrator or a busy person, which means it is difficult for them to have a lot of time at work, sedation dentistry is perfect. With computer-assisted dental technology that allows most procedures in an environment, dentistry can perform these procedures on a menu for patients who would otherwise have missed several days of work.


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