Best Nanaimo Chiropractor

Nanaimo chiropractor provides the best healthcare for children and adults of all ages using modern chiropractic techniques and technology which includes Torque Release technique, Activator, and Network Spinal analysis. Dr. Ansel does his utmost best to make our patients better here at our clinic creating a community healthy families and individuals and enhancing the quality of life naturally with a soft and gentle touch. We are here to take your health to a next level. Treatment of our patients is individually evaluated so, we do not make promises especially without thorough clinical examination reasons why Nanaimo knows us as the best of all chiropractors.

Services We Provide

Customized stretches, and exercises are provided to our clients to improve their well being and quality of life. Ergonomic modifications and/or exercise and stretching programs are discussed possibly with periodic evaluations to determine compliance and exercise benefits.
All Chiropractors aim at improving the well-being of their patients and Dr. Ansel is no exception. Here at Nanaimo BC, there are no two chiropractors to remedy your health situation with genuine concern and love.

Nanaimo’s best chiropractor Dr. Ansel is competent and trustworthy and has been able to afford pain relief for many symptoms and conditions so that you can have a better quality of life.

Nucca Chiropractic Treatment

The core of Chiropractic in our clinic involves; professional spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments so as to enable the body to heal itself without surgery. This manipulation helps to improve functionality, reduce nerve irritability and restores range of motions in the back thus, reduces back pain. Both children and adults of all ages are eligible to obtain treatment from our clinic with no exceptions. We call ourselves the best in Nanaimo because we are committed to a holistic healthcare approach.

Why US

At our clinic, every patient receives chiropractic, orthopaedic, neurological and x-ray examination and Dr. Ansel is there to help remove the physical and mental obstacles that stand in between your health and performance helping your body become more desiring and a self-regulating organism it was meant to be.

Our desire is to achieve the best outcome for every individual in Nanaimo BC, making sure that they have a properly functioning nervous system.

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